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Who plays in the Steel String Band?
Only some of the most talented and experienced traditional musicians you are ever likely to meet! See below .....
Martin Matthews : Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar
Martin Matthews
Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar
Paul Archer : Violin, Guitar
Paul Archer
Violin, Guitar
Frank Porter : Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Frank Porter
Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Tony Martin : Octave Mandolin, Vocals, Caller
Tony Martin
Octave Mandolin, Vocals, Caller
Sandy Still : Guitar and vocals
Sandy Still
Guitar and vocals
Steve Farrow : Bass
Steve Farrow
Martin began playing guitar as a youngster and swiftly added banjo when he realised he could be heard better in music sessions....
 All-Ireland champion banjo player, Martin is a superb virtuoso musician whose musical career has encompassed the Champion String Band, The Rub, the O'Boyle Band,Cuig and Steam Radio (see Links), all of which have been ground-breaking bands pioneering a wealth of musical genres. 
Paul began playing guitar in rock bands in his teens, and his interest in different musical forms led him to celtic music and Irish fiddle. Since his early twenties, he has been a leading light in bands such as the Castlegate Ceilidh Band, Robbers Dog, the Vin Garbutt Band, the Rub and the O'Boyle Band. As well as being a brilliant fiddle player, Paul is also an accomplished Luthier, (see Links) and has built all the Selmer-style guitars the band use for swing jazz.
Frank started out playing alongside his great friend Vin Garbutt, and then joined the famous Fettlers. He played bass in the ceilidh outfit Stockton Hop and later in the renowned Judith Haswell band. A musicians musician, Frank is respected and appreciated for his great bass playing and his virtuosity on jazz guitar, as well as his zany sense of humour. He has recently begun to play bass in the well-known John Wrightson Band.
Tony is well known as a singer and player. He has a wide and varied repertoire of songs, both traditional and contemporary and has played in Darlington-based Synergy as well as in the O'Boyle Band and more recently in the dynamic Steam Radio. He is an excellent caller who always develops a good-humoured rapport with audiences and makes sure everyone has a good time on the dance floor!
Sandy has played and sung since the early days in his teens with his brother Robert and schoolfriend Alistair Russell. With Alistair, Tom Napper and Nick Haigh he toured widely playing traditional music in clubs in France and Germany. He's a member of the long-standing group Fourum, (see Links) and has also played in Stockton Hop, the Judith Haswell Band, and Darlington's blues band Vast Majority. An accomplished guitarist, he also plays mandolin and banjo.
Steve joins us to play bass for the swing jazz and sometimes stands in for Frank for ceilidhs.He plays in Steam Radio, and is acknowledged to be one of the best bassists in the area, with his precise and rhythmic accompaniements to traditional tunes or swing jazz numbers.
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